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Vanguard Music and Performing Arts is at its best when every member feels respected, included, and heard. From performers to volunteers, on and off the field, we strive to reflect the beautiful diversity we see across California and around the world.


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The Vanguard Board of Directors, under the leadership of Jennifer Bauman, created the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Advocacy Committee (DEIA) in the Fall of 2020. The DEIA is committed to creating an environment focused on equality, inclusion, empowerment, and respect.

The team is currently managed by Board Member Kenneth Williams Jr. and includes alumni and other stakeholders from across multiple generations that represent our five main focal points of diversity. This is reflected in our new initiative - the Vanguard D5



  Educate | The D5 Initiative  


Geographical & Economic

Think globally, act locally.

Being on the world's stage has its advantages. We want to make sure all potential talent has equal and fair opportunities to wear the Star. By partnering with local businesses and corporations, we hope to increase membership accessibility around the world and help support those in need in our own backyard.

Racial & Religious

Strong as one, powerful together.

We want our membership to see themselves represented across our entire organization. Acceptance, safety, and comfort should be synonymous with any Performing Arts institution and are values that the Vanguard reflects in everything we do.

Gender & Sexuality

There's no place like Santa Clara.

You choose which uniform to put on, but you don't choose who you are. While there may be a place for everyone, Vanguard is creating that place for anyone. Identity is personal and unique. Let us help you express who you are.



Everyone has a seat at the table.

Inclusivity shouldn't have limits. We take pride in all of our stakeholders which is why many of our programs (including our Alumni Association) are equal members of VMAPA. Besides just having a voice, we provide opportunities to collaborate between like-minded members and alumni across a variety of industry and educational experiences.

Cognitive & Corporeal

Barriers are meant to be overcome.

Vanguard strives to support and optimize talent for ALL students in the Performing Arts. We open the stage, floor, and field to all types of learners. Providing opportunities for members with disabilities helps the whole group become stronger.

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